Rules of Disengagement (2017)

Role Playing Game
Paradise Air, Matsudo, Chiba, Japan
October 2017
Rules of Disengagement is a participatory role-playing game that confronts participation itself as an ideological concept. A workshop to help citizens drop out of their commitments, obligations and economical traps set up by an undercover courier agency based on traditional Japanese running messengers. 4 lessons in the form of non-verbal micro games were set up at different stations in an outskirt of Tokyo. Participants could walk through the suburb and experience their character and that of their co-players to collectively withdraw from formalized behaviors in public spaces. The role-playing game was preceded by a character workshop and concluded with a review session.
Performances and game design by Sachiko Fujita, Hiroshi Iwata, Kun Jinnai, Kristof Trakal
Directed by:Kristof Trakal
Collaborators:Sachiko Fujita, Hiroshi Iwata, Kun Jinnai
Assistant Director:Rikka Katase
Costume Advisor:Kaori Tamura
Lantern Making Supervisor:Masanori Yashima(Yashima Lantern Shop)
Props Assistants:Marika Makino, Kotone Takahashi
Subsidized by : Matsudo City, Agency for Cultural Affairs
Special Supported by : Hamatomo Kanko Co.,Ltd.
Supported by : Matsudo Community Planning Council, Matsudo City Tourist Association, Machizu Creative Co., Embassy of Canada, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
>> Photo documentation by Hajime Kato and Minwoo Lee
Atarashiki Mura Research
as part of the research I visited I visited Atarashiki Mura, the oldest still existing commune in Japan (founded in 1918!). We held a dinner at Paradise Air with food entirely produced at the commune.

Research Sketch Book