The Power House (2013)

participatory Installation
California Institute of Arts, Valencia, CA
5th-9th December 2013
In Collaboration with Ramzi Hibri, Julien Borno, Taralyn Thomas, Zach Vidal, James Morcaldi, Sam Shoemaker, Lior Shamriz, Vanessa Sioufi, Lionel Williams a.o.
The Power House was a 5 day occupation of the permanent film set at the California Institute of the Arts, organized and developed by a student collective. The set was accessible to the public and housed the production of a perpetually changing group exhibition, a film production, a theater play, and a reality TV show - these productions overlapped, interfered and disturbed each other. A continuous live streamed was broadcast throughout the school and online. A project to accentuate student self-organization of education formats with a reminder of the history of institutional critique that is today only a whisper in the hallways of the new global image of CalArts.
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