The Occult Acting Group Recruitment Casting (2015)

participatory installation
in collaboration with sometimes
pre-NAVEL, Los Angeles, CA
19th April 215
The Occult Acting Group set up as a casting session for actors and actresses in a Los Angeles warehouse as a participatory installation. The event was advertised in art and acting contexts as a casting session for performers who want to join the group. After visitors filled out a questionnaire they were led in pairs into a separate casting booth and handed a script. Casting agents mixed drinks for a scene set in a bar that alluded to the relationship of acting and cults in the film industry in Los Angeles, which was performed under directions. A work about uncanny labor relations and the production of the self in the professional acting world.



video walk-through:
Performances by (left to right) Ciriza, Kristof Trakal, Walter Vargas, Vanessa Sioufi, Meghan Gordon, Anna Luisa Petrisko, Joey Cannizzaro
Documentation Photos by Jonas Wendelin