Oneirotopia (2021)

Dream Workshop
16-18th June 2021 | Močvara Gallery, Zagreb
In dreams we are presented with internal worlds. They are constructed in their own logic, replete with architecture, charged surfaces and sensual objects. Over the course of three days Oneirotopia accesses our dream stages and turns them into haptic environments. Incorporating surrealist writing practices, drawing exercises as well as performance game elements this participatory encounter explores our interior architectures and the boundaries of our collective dream spaces. Dreamwork as World-building - an inquiry derived from game design, science-fiction and critical theory – will function as a backdrop to consider our dream entanglements with language, desire and commonality. How may the material worlds experienced in dreams figure as expressions of a collective Oneirotopia?

Magical Materialism is a series of world-building writing workshops by Trakal

Photographs by: Ana Vuko, Lovro Japundžić,