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NEXT MEETINGS : THURSDAY 7th NOV 4:30PM Permanent set C117: Calarts institution


interdisceplanary grant!: KRISTOF

(Anybody good in writing proposals to help me?)






the power house is an event that will take place 5th-9th december in the permanent set c117 at calarts. its an exhibition /filmsproduction crossover and asks for work submissions in that context: pieces that can be objects of an exhibition and props of a set for a scripted scene at the same time.

Send proposals for a piece and/or a scripted context for it or a scene to




Group meetings since September 2013

Preparations for the event: open call, micro-production meetings: the filmcrew, the script, the interruptions, the play etc.

31st OKT: decided on a structure and micro groups

7th NOV: application for interdisciplinary grant. Reservations for technical equipment. Micro groups have responsible commisioners. Jobs for participants.

14th NOV: Due script final version: start casting filmcrew

21st NOV: Due all proposals for pieces: production phase of pieces.

filmcrew put together: start casting actors: production phase working with actors

28th NOV: technical testruns: production phase second week

5th DEC – 9th DEC: THE POWER HOUSE in the permanent set (c117)

9th DEC – 13th DEC digitalizing of the footage: distribution to participants.

Winter break: personel footage reviews: communication over blog

16th JAN: start reviewing together

20th FEB: first edits: raw cuts due / working on the catalogue

end of MARCH: fine cut due: sound work and color. Organization of venue. Catalogue files due: preparations for print

End of APRIL: presentation of piece / catalogue published. (location and date still unclear)



reserve: monitors and projectors for the space : KRISTOF

talk to gordon about opening the edit suit for audience: KRISTOF

live feed of the two main entrance flatscreens: who to talk to in the school: VANESSA?

ideas for collaboration experiments

personas for the power house

ramzi: upload the soft space text.

LIGHTING executive

SOUND executive

link example scenes of television genres to the blog so we know what we are talking about:





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