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powerhouse open call

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powerhouse open call

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the reality tv show

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thats the show tyler worked at: that he mentioned last thursday


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halloween Protocoll

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halloween meet protocoll

vanessa jimmy taralyn alberto julien sam kristof tyler zachary ramzi

importance of the visibility of the filmcrew working: and working in a routined way = a different quality of “acting”
who should the filmcrew be?
probably other students from the film department

3 productions at the same time:
a reality tv show, a filmshoot, a theatre play

talk about the concept of the play: why is not filmed by the film crew: why is it not a part of the scenes?

- its a different kind of production: something that is already finished as a piece as opposed to in production like the filmshoot
(but that is exactly the interesting thing that you can learn something about filmmaking, about editing when you see how the shots build up to a scene)

how is this different from the “staged” filmcrew working?
why cant the play be the coat around the filmcrew working and the filmcrew working itself?

it becomes tropi really fast: when everything is theatre
it becomes boring when the theatre production is set against the film production: like two ways of acintg, two ways of production: how can we avoid that this is perceived.

alberto: who is the omiscient eye in the set: the audience or the camera: how to make that more clear.

talk about bleechers: will the bleechers not inhibit the audience from walking around? like a designated viewing position.

maybe the play is in the space like a climactic momentum: it is performed on all days: always the same play: at a certain time frame for 2h: and is advertised differently from the film shoot.

while the film crew is working from 12 to 10
and the reality tv show is going on 24 h.

its really more 4 productions then three: the reality tv show, the play, the filmcrew and what they film.

go over to the board:
is there a backstage?
a room upstairs for the reality tv-show people to live in.
a bunkbed:

lets split up in 3 groups with single meetings

indterdisciplinary grant: we need suggestions for material: for things people want to build: asap. till monday.
otherwise i will suggest money for a catalogue and maybe we can change the use of the money later?

open call for objects and scripted scenes.
RTV monday 6 pm c-art
FILM thuesday 9 PM sams house
PLAY wednesday 8 PM supershop
GROUP thursday 4:30 permanent set

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